Sylvester Malachi




Imperial Mage Academy


25 Fire 239, IE (24 years old)




Sigmund Malachi, Anna Malachi


Simon Malachi

The younger brother of the famous imperial knight Simon Malachi, Sylvester Malachi was born in the summer of the year 239 of the Imperial Era. Till the beginning of the year 264, he had lived his entire life in the richest parts of Aldrasal, studying at the prestigious Imperial Mage Academy.

It was clear from the beginning that Simon would be the one of the brothers to follow their father's footsteps as an imperial knight, and Sylvester, as a sickly child, would have to find something else to do. While both he and his brother shared a passion for reading, Sylvester had much more time for it; thanks to his condition, his talent for magic was noticed, and he was sent to the academy.

Now, Sylvester is an apprentice mage close to graduation, yet to pass the test of power and to produce the research paper which would qualify him as a full-fledged mage. However, his goal is very clear to him. He shares his interest in runic magic with the master mage Sariloch, and is hellbent on researching the subject.


Sylvester is a gifted mage, intelligent and ambitious. Like his brother, he is very determined and will go to great lengths to achieve his goals. However, he tends to be laid-back and talkative when not working. His sheltered life has made him a bit less empathetic towards suffering than his brother; he tends to be better with things than with people.

Sylvester has a rather severe fear of heights, a result of being dropped from the top of a tall tower by wind magic. He was saved by a teleportation spell back then, but he doesn't trust he'd get lucky every time.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: Sylvester

Lvl: 1 (0 Exp)

Str: 7
End: 8
Skl: 6
Spd: 9
Lck: 7
Mag: 16
Int: 17

Gold: 30
Items (3/5):

Skills (17/17):
-Black D
-Power Focus