Etheril empire

The regions of the empire in 3rd Century IE


The Continent of Etheril 5th Century NE

Said to have been created by the goddess Eteru, Etheril is a continent in and the dominant landmass of the north-eastern hemisphere of a planet called Aenort. It is very roughly 4000 km (2500 mi) wide from west to east and 3000 km (2000 mi) wide from south to north. The total area of the continent is approximately 10 million km² (4 million sq mi, or almost exactly the size of Europe or the United States.)

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The history of the continent of Etheril is generally split between three eras:

  • The Primal Era: the beginning of history, lasted approximately 3000 years.
  • The Imperial Era: started when the Etherilian Empire was officially founded, lasted/will last 400 years.
  • The New Era: started/will start after the fall of the empire and the Shadowkin.
  • In addition, another era called the Historical Era is used as an absolute indicator of time since the beginning of history.

  • 1 PE: The civilization of Aginians begins recording history.
  • 1200-1400 PE: The Aginians disappear, causing a brief void in history.
  • 1400 PE: The Aginian technology is rediscovered by the Kerians, civilization starts anew.
  • 2100 PE: Iron Age begins on Etheril.
  • 2700 PE: Massive empires begin forming. Most prominent ones are the Aldrasalites, the Milirines and Sagarians (the descendants of Kerians).
  • 2800 PE: A great war begins between the empires. Sagarians attack Milirines, but Aldrasalites come to the aid of Milirines and help them fend off the invasion.
  • 2974 PE: The war finally ends. The Milirines agree to form a union with their allies, the Aldrasalites, and the subjugated Sagarians are added to their lands.
  • 1 IE: The former Aldrasalite emperor officially declares the Etherilian Empire founded, and is crowned the first emperor of Etheril.
  • 4 IE: The Order of the Imperial Knights is founded.
  • 76-155 IE: The life of Saint Ailo. Inspired by her, the imperial religion is reformed radically, at least in the peripheries of the empire.
  • 100 IE: The Imperial Mage Academy is founded.
  • 141 IE: Currency is standardized within the empire.
  • 264 IE: Present (RoS Chronicles)
  • 404 IE / 1 NE: The Shadowkin are defeated.
  • 479 NE: Present (Original RoS)


The length of a year on the planet is defined as on Earth, and has a similar length. The Imperial calendar splits a year into 12 months, each of which lasts approximately 30 days. The months are named after the traditional elements recognized by the Empire's alchemists.

  • 1. Ice Month
  • 2. Aether Month
  • 3. Water Month
  • 4. Leaf Month
  • 5. Earth Month
  • 6. Light Month
  • 7. Fire Month
  • 8. Chaos Month
  • 9. Thunder Month
  • 10. Mind Month
  • 11. Wind Month
  • 12. Dark Month