Paul Hofner






20 Chaos 240, IE (23 years old)




Edward Hofner, Kristian Hofner



Paul Hofner was born into a family in debt to a noble of a province in North Milirin. As such, he was required to work under the noble’s daughter, Audrey Latifolia, since he was only about three years older. He spent most of his time toting on Audrey’s every whim, but he also needed care for himself at the same time since his parents were out working from dawn till dusk. Because of this, he learned to fend for himself by teaching him to do things such as cook and sew. He also “borrowed” books from the house’s study since he was never given a formal education.

He picked up archery while he watched Audrey practice with her teacher. Improvising, he made his first “bow” out of rope and a fallen stick. The teacher saw this and decided to also take him under his wing, much to Audrey’s detest. Since he had little money to his name, the Master Archer also gave him his first real weapon, a Crossbow. When Audrey’s parents saw his skill with the weapon, he became her unofficial bodyguard when she went out.


Most of the time, Paul is lighthearted and fun-loving. However, he became sullen towards the gentry because of his relationship towards Audrey and her parents. He does not like confrontation, and often avoids problems as they come as opposed to confronting them head on. Despite this, he is mischievous and likes to play pranks on others. He does not take much seriously, but he can apply himself when needed.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: Paul

Lvl: 5 (11 Exp)

Str: 12
End: 16
Skl: 12
Spd: 12
Lck: 9
Mag: 5
Int: 16

Gold: 200
Misc: ---
Items (4/5):
-Crossbow (17)
-Shortbow (30)
-Vulnerary (3)
-Antitoxin (3)

Skills (15/16):
-Bow (C)
-Armor (D)