Olin Askola




Church of St. Ailo


29 Light 244, IE (20 years old)




Lloyd Askola, Naomi Askola


Ezekiel Askola, Abel Askola

The third son of a small-time farmer in a small town, Ailo , in the southwestern region of North Milirin . Being the youngest son, as well as the least physically able in comparison to his elder brothers, his parents sent him into the town to become a priest at the age of twelve. There he learned to read and write, as well as learn the art of White Magic , and has been known to mend the wounds of injured guardsmen or other townspeople who get injured for one reason or another.

During his time at the church, while searching for White Magic tomes, he stumbled upon old battle logs from wars past, as well as other strategy guides to battle. He became very interested in the art of war, but as a humble priest, there was never any reason for him to stand up and fight. He kept his fondness for war a secret as to not stir up controversy, but nevertheless immersed himself in tales of war and battle, and has come to know a decent amount on the subject.

Olin Askola is a childhood friend of Kaohu Lin .


Being the youngest of three brothers, Olin found himself often getting picked on by his elder brothers as a child. This led to him having self-confidence issues. Although his parents are proud of him, and despite his good relationship with his brothers, he still feels unsure of himself. Known for his 'safe' nature amongst his friends, Olin never went too far beyond his small town's borders. Olin is extremely polite and relatively friendly, especially towards people he respects.

Overall, Olin wants to please as many people as he can, even if he ignores his own feelings.

As a UnitEdit

Sprite: Mappriest

Lvl: 3 (46 Exp)

Str: 3
End: 12
Skl: 6
Spd: 11
Lck: 12
Mag: 14
Int: 18

Gold: 20
Items (3/5):
-Mend (10/30)
-Mend (30/30)
-Vulnerary (2/3)

Skills (17/18):
-White Magic (D)
-Leadership (C)

-Kaohu (C)