Date Unknown, but he claims to be aged 21




None Known to Etheril



Michael was summoned to Etheril by a travelling sorcerer to fulfill the dictates of a local village tradition. Over many years, the village had built a tradition of using groups of three to run errands out in the wider world- these groups would contain two younger, less worldly people and one elder, who would impart knowledge of the world to their companions. Growing banditry in the area had lead to a lack of willing volunteers to accompany two young adults- Deln Everi and Eloise Belich- on a particularly important delivery, and this did not change with the growing urgency of the errand. Eventually, a sorcerer who had been staying in the village proposed a ritual to summon a warrior from the great beyond, one who would be quite capable of handling any of the likely threats to three travelers. The villagers quickly agreed, thankful for a solution to their predicament, but were quite shocked when the warrior that was summoned looked even younger than either Deln or Eloise- only a scarred face expressed that Michael had already faced many battles. Faced with the sorcerer's insistence that Michael was a highly capable young man and his claimed inability to complete the ritual again, however, the villagers were forced to accept their situation.

Personality and historyEdit

Michael is a quiet and contemplative man, the temper and hastiness he once showed having been cooled by experience, and one event in particular he flatly refuses to discuss. All his companions have gathered about his past is that he once worked with a mercenary company and the served in the ragtag vanguard for a great army fighting against unspeakable evil, though the strength he once bore was sapped by the summoning ritual- or so he claims, and it is likely that there is a much darker explanation for this.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: MichaelSprite

Lvl: 4 (3 Exp)

Str: 10
End: 12
Skl: 11
Spd: 11
Lck: 7
Mag: 7
Int: 21

Gold: 1
Misc: Buckler
Armor: Leather
Items (4/5):
Shortsword (8/40)
Hand Axe (19/20)
Shortsword (40/40)
Vulnerary (3/3)

Skills (21/21):
Armour (D)
Blades (C)
Heavy (D)
Leadership (D)