Leon Thorvald






16 Light 206, IE (57 years old)




Conan Thorvald, Elia Thorvald



Duke Leon Thorvald is the ruler of a duchy in North Milirin. His home castle is in the mining village of Norun. Born in 206, he grew up without siblings as the son of the then duke, Conan Thorvald. From a very young age, he was somewhat alienated from his peers, as they knew that as the duke's son he would one day be their ruler. His only friend during this time period was the rebellious Grier Aric, who would eventually become a commander of the Imperial Knights.

In 234, Duke Thorvald married Elaine Hart, the daughter of another nearby duke. They had two daughters before Conan died of old age in the year 238, leaving Leon as the duke. His newfound responsibilities caused some discord between Leon and his wife, but they remained together until her death in 259. Throughout this time, they tried repeatedly to have a son, but were unsuccessful in this endeavor. Their third daughter, Jolene, was born in 243, but after her birth Elaine became infertile. Frustrated by the thought of the Thorvald line ending, Leon resigned himself to marrying off his two elder daughters to another local duke and a high-ranking military officer, respectively. Jolene stayed with Duke Thorvald as his caretaker and assistant.

The harsh winter of 261 caused an increase in the level of banditry in North Milirin, and Duke Thorvald took a strong stance against the criminals who were stealing from his subjects, leading attacks against several local bands of brigands. As an act of revenge, one of the last remaining bandit companies brutally attacked Norun, burning half of the town to the ground and killing the duke's daughter, Jolene. Destroyed by the loss, Thorvald retreated to his castle, spending most of his time there for the next two years.


Leon Thorvald is a firm, uncompromising man with a stiff demeanor. In his youth, he was fun-loving and rebellious, and enjoyed causing trouble. However, his long years of responsibility and marriage turned him into a stoic, tacit man. Kind and blessed with a good sense of humor, Thorvald was very popular with the townsfolk for his unusually low tax demands, strong stance on crime, and approachable demeanor. However, the death of his daughter Jolene hardened him considerably, and many of the people of Norun believe that some part of him died with her. He is dedicated to defending the people of his duchy to the last breath, but has recently become rather grim and fatalistic.

As a unitEdit

Leon Thorvald appeared as a Neutral unit in Chapter 1, A Wind From The North. The objective of the chapter was to protect the duke and his castle from encroaching enemy forces led by Alfdrak the Wolf.

Sprite: ThorvaldMap

Lvl: 15 (10 Exp)
Str: 15
End: 16
Skl: 12
Spd: 11
Lck: 14
Mag: 18
Int: 23
Gold: 894
Armor: Plate
Items (3/5):
-Mage Staff
Skills (23/23):
-Blade D
-Armor B
-Black C
Supports: --