Kiena Darson




Mercenary's Guild


12 Leaf 246, IE (17 years old)




Johann Darson, Erica Darson


Lyra Darson, Eliza Darson, Mia Darson

Kiena Darson (DARR-son), born in the year 246, is the youngest of the four daughters of Johann and Erica Darson. Her mother died in the process of giving birth to her, and she was raised largely by her elder sisters. Her father took a particular dislike to her, blaming her for Erica's death, and never treated her like a member of his family. She lived in a small, poorly-insulated shack outside of the large farmhouse where her family resided, and though her father never raised a hand against her he never raised one for her either. Her sisters, sympathetic to her plight, tried to help her as much as they could, but it is impossible to shield a child from neglect.

In the year 261, a harsh winter in the region destroyed most of the Darsons' crop. Desperate for money, Johann sold Kiena into slavery. After passing through the hands of several black market slave traders, she was eventually sold as a concubine to a rich nobleman living near the capital. Fortunately, one of the mercenaries working as a bodyguard, Damon Reiss, grew disgusted at his employer's behavior and rescued Kiena. They fled the estate, taking with them a horse, some weapons, and several sets of clothing. Damon paid for his new protege to be taught archery so that she could join him as a mercenary, but unfortunately the wide-reaching influence of the nobleman whom they had fled made finding new employment nigh impossible.

Desperate for work, Kiena and her friend joined Simon Malachi's company in the Regiment of North Milirin of the Grand Etherilian Army, their stated mission to protect the people of the province from the increasing bandit activity in the region.


Kiena is an impossibly quiet, shy girl who never speaks to anyone but Damon. Even when they are alone, she talks in whispers. She cringes from any invasion of her personal space, but if touched will ferociously attack the one responsible--even if it was a harmless accident. She is mortally afraid of any and all romantic contact. Kiena regards Damon with an attitude of hero worship and is willing to die to protect him. Her unusually quiet nature makes her an excellent huntress, and her long years of living alone taught her how to make edible food out of almost anything. Her survival skills are incredible, but she is completely unable to interact with people normally, relying on her friend and mentor Damon to communicate her thoughts and feelings to others.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: KienaMap

Lvl: 4 (35 Exp)
Str: 11
End: 11
Skl: 14
Spd: 16
Lck: 10
Mag: 6
Int: 11
Gold: 41
Misc: Swift Arrows
Armor: Silk Armor
Items (3/5):
-Shortbow (22)
-Shortbow (30)
-Vulnerary (3)
Skills (11/11):
-Bows D
-Arms Expertise
Supports: --