Kaohu Lin






11 Leaf 243, IE (21 years old)




Wang Lin, Ling Lin


Yuan Lin, Ahn Lin

Kaohu Lin (cow-hoo Linn), The second child and eldest daughter of a blacksmith in the small town of Ailo in North Milirin , Kaohu always found herself surrounded by weapons and armor . Fascinated by it at a young age, she knew from the time she was eight that she wanted to be a soldier, much to her parents' dismay, as they wished for her to marry Ezekiel Askola, eldest brother of her childhood friend, Olin Askola . Nevertheless, she learned how to use a spear and spars with her older brother, Yuan Lin, who is enlisted on the town guard. She never went far from Ailo, and enlisting in the army would be one way to do that.


Kaohu is somewhat of an outcast in her town, for it is very uncommon for women to have any sort of dealing with weapons. She is quiet, strong, and independent. Despite this, she remains very respectful and dutiful. Kaohu is known by those who are close to her that she would rather act than talk most of the time.

Overall, Kaohu is a moral girl whose motives remain unclear.

As a UnitEdit

Sprite: Mapfemalesoldier

Lvl: 5 (43 Exp)

Str: 12
End: 14
Skl: 12
Spd: 15
Lck: 11
Mag: 6
Int: 12

Gold: 223
Misc: Large Shield
Items (4/5):
-Spear (9/36)
-Light Spear (22/30)
-Vulnerary (3/3)
-Antitoxin (3/3)

Skills (12/12):
-Polearm (C)
-Armor (D)

-Olin (C)

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