The imperial religion is heavily integrated into the imperial society. It is a polytheistic belief system which has its roots in the ancient world that came before the imperial era, but truly took its form only after the empire was officially formed and the beliefs and rituals in the different parts of the empire began to blend and merge.

The religion is based on a theocratic hierarchy: at the top are the oldest of the gods and at the bottom are the common followers. In the middle are the high priests and the emperor (in ceremonial duties,) who have allegedly been granted the rule over Etheril by the gods.


See Deities for the (incomplete) list of deities.

The gods worshipped in Etheril are many, but limited; cults created for gods not accepted by the high priests are strictly illegal.

There is one high priest for every major deity, and there are 7 major deities. The major deities usually govern fundamental forces of nature.

In addition to the 7, there are 34 lesser deities, most of whom are patron deities of various regions and cities.

In the lowest ranks of the deities are the saints, who are also the most plentiful. They are usually said to watch over more specific places, people and things.