Sir Grier Aric




Regiment of North Milirin


30 Earth 206, IE (58 years old)




Hektor Aric, Ekaterina Aric


Alena Aric


Carina Aric (deceased)


Mira Aric, Shreya Aric

Grier Aric is the commander of the North Milirin Regiment of the Grand Etherilian Army. Born in 206 to Hektor and Ekaterina Aric, farmers living in the village of Norun, Grier was a troublemaker who enjoyed flaunting authority. He was a childhood friend of the later Duke Leon Thorvald, being the only child of Leon's age who was unafraid to approach him.

Grier's rambunctious, energetic ways were aggravating to his serious and grounded parents. Romanticizing combat from a young age, Grier taught himself to use the only weapon available to him at the farm, namely a large axe. In 223, bored with farm life, Grier decided to attack a local bandit stronghold. While he managed to wound several of the bandits and escape with his life, he was severely chastised for his vigilante action. His parents, fed up at last with his unruly behavior, sent him away from Norun to join the Grand Etherilian Army.

Much to everyone's surprise, Grier was incredibly successful as a soldier, taking to the profession immediately. He quickly rose through the ranks and became a career soldier. He meet his future wife, Carina, while involved in a civil uprising in South Sagaria. They fought on different sides, but their love was ultimately strong enough to end the conflict altogether, and they had two children before her death in 257.

Late in his career, Grier grew homesick and asked to return to North Milirin to defend his homeland. Based on a long list of career achievements (and his increasing age), his superiors granted his request, and he embarked once again on what had been his very first mission: to rid the region of bandits once and for all.


When Grier Aric was a boy, he was uncontrollable and rambunctious. In his old age, however, he is completely the opposite. Grier always thinks before he acts. His years spent raising two children gave him a good understanding of how to lead, and he is admired by his troops.Some, however, think that he has an undue emotional attachment to the village of Norun, and privately criticize him for this. In battle, he is a force to be reckoned with, and enemies fear from his presence--as well as from the sight of his enormous battleaxe.

As a unitEdit

Grier Aric appeared as an allied unit in Chapter 1, A Wind From The North.

Sprite: GrierMap

Lvl: 27 (15 Exp)
Str: 28
End: 25
Skl: 23
Spd: 17
Lck: 14
Mag: 12
Int: 36
Gold: 490
Armor: Plate
Items (3/5):
Skills (??/36):
Supports: --