Deln Everi






Wind 16 240, IE




Gerald Everi, Olivia Everi


Angath Everi

Born the sons of a huntsman, Deln and his brother Angath spent their childhood learning useful survival skills from their father as they worked to help feed and occasionally defend the village. In Deln's fifteenth year, Angath left the village one night, leaving no evidence of where he was headed. All able and willing joined a search of the area and other somewhat close villages, but nobody found him. Deln contemplated abandoning the village to further search for Angath, but he knew it was unlikely that others would join him. The errand that he embarked upon with Eloise and Michael in the present day, however, has provided him with what he feels to be a golden opportunity to pick up the search once more.


He appears laid back and seems to take most things in stride and goes with the flow, preferring not to meddle where he is unsure if he can do much to help. In this- and in many other ways- he is quite a contrast to his childhood friend Eloise, who is easily excited and feels a need to investigate and interfere wherever she can. Despite his laid back outlook on life and his views against meddling, however, he is generally the one who intervenes when Eloise has gone too far.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: DelnSprite

Lvl: 4 (48 Exp)

Str: 10
End: 10
Skl: 12
Spd: 13
Lck: 9
Mag: 8
Int: 17

Gold: 8
Misc: Buckler
Armor: None
Items (2/5):
Shortbow (14)
Shortbow (30)

Skills (17/17):
Bows (D)

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