Audrey Latifolia






15 Wind 243, IE (20 years old)




Theodore Latifolia III, Elizabeth Latifolia



Audrey Latifolia was born into a noble family of a small province in North Milirin. Her parents were often out, but they hired private tutors for her studies where she learned the basics of a proper lady’s education including not only reading and mathematics, but also archery and physical exercises. She controlled her teachers, rather than the other way around, knowing that she could have them sent off at a single wave of her hand. Only one teacher, the Master Archer, was not swayed by her ways.

As she grew older, she began skipping lessons in order to explore the countryside of her province. With her parents never around, there was nobody to tell her otherwise. She became popular with the male populace, most likely because of her status, despite her rude attitude in response. She only brought Paul, a man bound by serfdom to the Latifolia family. He was her bodyguard of sorts, but she always had her bow and a quiver full of arrows nearby in case they were overpowered by bandits or thieves.


Audrey often looks down on those of lower status to the point that she sometimes just completely ignores them. She is very rash and acts without thinking and without taking the opinions of others into consideration. She detests company, but if talking to someone, she gossips rather than trying to hold conversation. Her favorite activity involves bossing Paul around, much to his dislike.

As a unitEdit

Sprite: Audrey

Lvl: 3 (93 Exp)

Str: 8
End: 10
Skl: 12
Spd: 15
Lck: 9
Mag: 5
Int: 17

Gold: 20
Misc: Swift Arrows
Armor: Silk Armor
Items (5/5):
-Shortbow (22)
-Shortbow (30)
-Vulnerary (3)
-Vulnerary (1)
-Antitoxin (3)

Skills (17/17):
-Bow (C)