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Imperial Prince Amon Aldurin




Imperial Family


9 Fire 234 (30 years old)




Erasmos Aldurin, Elena Aldurin



Amon Aldurin is the sole child and heir apparent of the emperor of Etheril, Erasmos Aldurin. Just like his father, he is both a well-built man and extraordinarily gifted with magic. He entered the Imperial Mage Academy much later than recommended, and yet still managed to graduate as a journeyman mage when he was merely 20 years old. Since then the prince has achieved the rank of master sage in just 10 years; only partly because of his exceptional status in the society. In addition to being a powerful spellcaster, the prince is also an excellent swordsman and rider.


Amon Aldurin is a culturally refined man and well-traveled. He is arrogant and narcissistic, but not disdainful or elitist, understanding his uniqueness and not setting it as a standard for judging others; he is usually harsher to those who come closer to him in rank.

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