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Aldrasal is the capital and the largest city of the Grand Empire of Etheril. It is known for its great prosperity and especially for its towering temples and palaces. Home to the emperor, it is the political center of the empire, and ambitious men from across the continent travel to Aldrasal in the hopes of making a name for themselves. The true center of the clergy in Etheril lies elsewhere, but due to the influence of its wealthy upper class, Aldrasal contains the continent's most extravagant and beautiful churches.

Aldrasal lies in the comparatively warm south of Etheril, and winters there tend to be mild. It is located in an incredibly defensible position and heavily fortified against attack. At the heart of the great city lies the Imperial Mage Academy, which grants the titles and licenses for magic users within the empire. On the other hand, the outer regions of Aldrasal are rather poor. The gap between the city's richer center and poorer outskirts has widened with the passage of time, but crime rates remain fairly low. Aldrasal's police force is the best in the empire, maintaining strict order throughout the city, and bandits are seen rarely if ever.

Aldrasal's flag, a yellow ray rising over a green field, is symbolic of the sun's rise over the rich fields surrounding the city and of the towers that dominate the Aldrasal skyline. The flag is displayed on the armor of all policemen and knights dedicated to the protection of the city.

The region of Aldrasal is named after the city.