Abel Askola




Ailo Town Guard


19 Mind 241, IE (22 years old)




Lloyd Askola, Naomi Askola


Ezekiel Askola, Olin Askola

Abel is the second son of Lloyd and Naomi Askola. As a child he constantly picked on his younger brother Olin, occasionally joined by his elder brother, Ezekiel. In his teenage years, Abel worked as a farmhand alongside his father and elder brother, but after his father proclaimed that Ezekiel would be in charge of the farm after his death, Abel signed up for the Ailo Town Guard with family friend, Yuan Lin, in 259 and has been working as a guardsman ever since.

Abel is known for his ability to make people angry and enjoys joking around. However, he can act serious when the time calls for it, namely in battle.

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